Supply of aviation equipment and services

The current repair and maintenance works on the helicopter is a rather complicated process, requiring special skills and knowledge. We allow highly qualified Russian specialists who have gained a great deal of practical experience in this area and who possess the necessary approvals and certificates for their conduct only.

We are ready to provide services for execution of maintenance and repairs:

- Directly performing work on the operator’s helicopter;

- Maintenance and repair accompaniment. In this case, our specialists will personally supervise the work of the technical specialists of the operator and provide consulting support if it is necessary.

Unfortunately, some helicopter’s units repair is possible at the plant or special repair enterprises only. For such cases, a special service provided, consisting in the organization of repair work at special enterprises in Russia. For the repair period, if it is necessary, the company is ready to offer swap units and aggregates for lease in order to ensure the constant airworthiness of aircraft.

The company also assesses the technical condition of aircraft, the extension of the designated (between repair) and service life.

Carries out on the aviation technology improvements - industry bulletins.

Carries out warranty, post-warranty support.

Conducts aircraft modernization:

  • Remotorization is the aircraft engines replacement
  • Airborne equipment modernization